What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing for Lawyers?

Marketing is defining, engaging, and growing your target audience. Marketing can take on many forms and as technology changes, a brand’s marketing strategy must adjust with the changes. While 10 years ago a smaller amount of people might engage with videos online, that number is much different now and has grown.  

Video Marketing is simply using videos to promote your business. A successful marketing campaign is often defined in terms of its goals. Oftentimes, a successful campaign will encompass the goals of increasing; brand awareness, social engagement, and audience size. Increasing the number of mediums (those channels used to engage with your audience) will naturally increase your outreach potential. Of course, not all businesses can be omnipresent. It would be very difficult for a law firm with 1 to 3 partners to be using all forms of communication mediums (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media, SEO, Video, Billboards, etc). It would be difficult, but it would also be unnecessary (unless the goal of the firm is to grow exceptionally). As we mentioned above, marketing campaigns are defined by their goals. In terms of audience engagement, defining goals comes with understanding where one can find their audience. 


Why use Video Marketing?

Legalese. Jargon. Geekspeak: there’s a reason law school takes 3 years and not 3 months. Now to a seasoned professional an article about what “Nolo Contendere” means, or how the different chapters of bankruptcy are defined, might be easy to read. To the general public, not so much. Engaging and educating your audience should be on the short list of priorities. Broadening the scope of how you accomplish that goal is essential. Engaging through something as graphic and visual as a video series could very well be the ticket to ensure audience engagement and participation. 

Up to 83% of all online traffic is composed of video engagement. Videos, far and above, create greater traffic and more meaningful engagement than many other marketing mediums. Video Marketing helps captivate your audience in a unique and impactful way. 

At Green Cardigan Marketing, we pride ourselves in creating custom marketing strategies. No two firms are the same, therefore we believe each marketing strategy should be just as unique as the firm and the lawyers representing the firm. Video Marketing may not be the best option considering your firm’s practice areas, geographic location, marketing budget and overall firm goals; however, our team will listen and work to understand the needs of your firm and provide the best marketing strategy. 


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Green Cardigan Marketing can help your law firm grow! We can use multi-pronged strategies to grow your website through careful SEO implementation, Social Media, Video Marketing, eMail marketing, Paid Search, and more. We have proven results in growing online presence for law firms throughout the country in all practice areas. If you’re thinking of including a Video Marketing Campaign to help drive clients to your practice, let our team help! Contact us today by clicking here or give us a call at (786)505-2667.