2022 Legal Marketing Checklist

Marketing for Lawyers: Don't know where to start?

Law firms, especially solo practitioners, have a lot to juggle when it comes to establishing, managing, and growing their firm. Between establishing a foothold in a specific area of law and understanding the clientele that firms want to target, marketing is often the piece of the puzzle that gets overlooked. Marketing and practicing law are often two things that don’t get clumped together. And, for many attorneys, marketing is something they do not or cannot spend ample time researching. That’s where Green Cardigan Marketing comes in. Green Cardigan Marketing specializes in helping law firms of all sizes understand their market, understand how to target their market and most importantly; grow their law firm. 

In this article we are going to help you simplify your marketing strategy by providing you with a step-by-step Legal Marketing Checklist. 

#1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

Is your law firm’s website optimized? Assuming your firm has a well-built and designed website (if not, this must be a priority and we can help); Website optimization is the process of using tools and strategies to improve the performance of your website to drive traffic and ultimately grow your firm. One of the most important aspects of website optimization is search engine optimization (SEO). Through a long-term approach, an SEO plan can help build your website and expand its reach. According to BrightEdge, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, meaning; your customers are searching for legal help and with the right digital plan in place, you could grab their business before your competitors do. A well-executed SEO plan should be diverse and multifaceted. 

At Green Cardigan Marketing, our SEO process includes the following steps: 

  • Backlink Analysis 
  • Authoritative Link Building 
  • Keyword Research
  • Custom Content Strategy 
  • Resolving Site Errors 

High-quality SEO differentiates your firm from your competition, making you stand out first!

#2: Social Media Presence 

A tailored social media approach can help craft the look of your practice and drive new business to your site and firm. Your social media presence helps not only get new potential clients but it can be a way to seal the deal for those searching the market. 54% of social media users engage with platforms in order to research products (Per GlobalWebIndex). Essentially, if someone were on the edge about choosing one firm vs. another, the firm with a social media presence (or the one with a better look) could very well be the deciding factor. In an age where billions of people are online and engaging with social media, not having a presence will hurt more than help.

#3 Paid Search

Marketing should be thought of as a long-term plan. The return on investment is best realized after a steady and patient plan is implemented and followed. Including paid search into this strategy will help boost your overall firm’s marketing strategy. 

Three types of paid ads all lawyers need to be aware of:

  1. Local Services Ads (LSA)
    1. LSAs can be found at the top of a search result when someone searches for something like ‘Lawyers near me.’ These types of ads can complement traditional Google Ads and help drive your overall traffic. A benefit of paid search is its cost-effectiveness, you only pay once someone clicks on the ad. It’s important to have a clear understanding on how to program and set these up to have the best possible chance at grabbing the right lead for your firm. 
  2. Traditional Google Ads
    1. Google ads are a great medium to turn potential clients into possible leads. 
  3. Social Ads 
    1. A more cost effective way of running ads for your law firm may be found by using social media. Social media ads are often a lower investment cost, yet provide all the audience segmentation needed (as you would see with a traditional Google ad). 

With any form of paid ad, it is imperative to have someone managing your account who understands the type of ad, target audience and budget parameters.  

#4 Video Marketing 

Attracting the right clients and driving your message is what your marketing plan should be about, right? One of the most effective ways at staying relevant and recognizable is through video marketing. Videos are the best tool at helping a potential client see and understand your strengths as well as gain perspective on who you are as a person. Utilizing videos as part of an overall marketing strategy can potentially lead to a 66% improvement in generating a potential client. The potential in video marketing should not be taken lightly. We can help craft your video marketing strategy and create an effective campaign for your firm.

#5 Email Marketing 

An email marketing campaign can be an effective way at generating leads to a very specific database of clients. Email marketing can be powerful because you can see exactly what works and what needs improvement. Creating valuable content for clients is what email marketing is all about. With this type of campaign, you can generate leads and grow your base with a simple yet effective informative email. If you work in copyright law an email might include examples of how previous clients came to you for your service and how you ensured their copyrighted material was secured. Or, maybe you work with insurance claims in a market that sees constant flooding, an email campaign for you might see you explaining common misconceptions about claiming damages. Whatever your field, we can help you craft an effective email marketing strategy to target your client base. 

At Green Cardigan Marketing, we pride ourselves in building custom marketing plans for each of our clients based upon their location, practice areas and goals. We understand what makes each client different and strive to help our clients express their voice! Let us help you grow your firm. Contact us today!