LinkedIn for Lawyers (Can your firm benefit?)

There is no debate that all lawyers should be on LinkedIn. This platform is ubiquitous when it comes to a business’s approach to marketing. It boasts almost 200 million users in the US. Many attorneys however put optimizing their LinkedIn profile on the back burner. Throughout this article, our goal is to convince you otherwise! 

Depending on your practice area(s), you might not be using LinkedIn to convert leads into clients. However, for attorneys, that’s not always the goal of this platform. For those lawyers working with professionals, other businesses, or B2B services then LinkedIn is a must-have. But, all lawyers can benefit in some capacity by using LinkedIn for their firm. LinkedIn can help you or your firm build a network, increase your reach, and establish authority in your areas of the law.

3 Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Brand on LinkedIn

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Picture yourself looking up a service or product online. You click on a website, social media profile, or Google Business Profile listing, and you realize that everything is outdated. It could be that you’re ordering a pizza or maybe you need to get your bike fixed, whatever it is you’re looking up, when you see that the information you find is not current you lose confidence. This is a natural reaction. But, as a business owner, you need to be aware that an unoptimized online presence will simply lead to lost clients. LinkedIn is no different. 

Having accurate, up-to-date, and compelling information on your profile can help you retain views. An optimized profile takes some time and a keen eye. Your profile, or your firm’s profile, should have high-quality images, headlines, descriptions, and an optimized experiences section. You want to make sure these are formatted correctly. That way you stand out to others, get found easily and convey your role well.

2. Be Active!

Having a well-built profile is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to be active on the platform too. This includes liking, commenting, sharing, and posting on a daily or weekly basis. Being active is how LinkedIn determines you’re using their platform. And, most importantly, it’s how others see you and are reminded of your firm or services.

Sharing articles, wins, and self-written content is important to differentiate you from the crowd. Long-form content is not necessarily all you need to post. As a legal professional, you can solidify your authority with posts related to legal news, case wins, verdicts, etc. To connect to the community photos and promotions of community events are well received. Finally, helping others directly is always a good choice, this might look like providing free resources or guiding those that seek you out. 

3. Join or Create Groups

Joining or creating groups allows the connections to continue. LinkedIn is for business, but it doesn’t hurt to be a bit social. LinkedIn is social media at the end of the day and networking through groups is a great way to start a business relationship. Here you can also discuss your commonalities at work and share some ideas or anecdotes with others seeking advice. LinkedIn groups usually focus on one subject or one shared commonality. Be proactive and start your group in your community. However, you don’t need to remain local. You can branch out and create a nationwide network. 

Who We Are – Legal Marketing Experts

Getting the most out of LinkedIn should not be rocket science. It takes basic steps to have your profile seen. At Green Cardigan Marketing, we work exclusively with attorneys and law firms to help them grow the right way. We provide a full-service approach for all law firm digital marketing needs. Check out some of the clients we’ve worked with in the past here.
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