Phone representing calls-to-action or CTAs for law firm websites
Let’s look at a hypothetical: Law Firm A’s website is getting 600 visitors a month. Their contact page gets a few visits here and there, and they get one or two form submissions a month with contact info to add to their emailing lists. Law Firm B’s website is getting just 300 visitors a month. Their contact page also gets a few visits here and there, but they collect around 25 emails a month across their site. While Law Firm A may get more traffic to their site, it’s actually Law Firm B that is doing a better job converting those visitors into solid leads that could become paying clients down the road. The difference? Law Firm B’s site uses CTAs, or calls-to-action.

What is a call-to-action?

A call-to-action is essentially what it sounds like: it’s anywhere on your site where you prompt your visitor to provide you with something they have that you want (i.e. their email address) in exchange for something you can offer (i.e. a newsletter with more info). You call them to action using phrases like “sign up now” or “contact us”. Most often, a call-to-action seeks to get contact information from the visitor like their name and email address, though more elaborate CTAs can try to get more information like what sort of law firm service they’re looking for, how soon they’re looking to hire a lawyer, and more.

Not all CTAs are Equal

While having any CTA is better than none, not all are made equal — some are high value and some are low value. High value CTAs offer more in exchange for less, and your visitors are more likely to be persuaded by these prompts when you offer something of high value, like a free consultation. Low value CTAs offer less, like a coupon or a weekly newsletter, and are less likely to convert visitors to your site that are on the fence about using your law firm for their needs.

Don’t overdo it!

So, after all this you might be thinking I’ll just put dozens of CTAs on my site! That’ll get ‘em! Not quite. Having too many calls-to-action across your site can actually make them less effective. While you can have the same call-to-action appear across your pages, having a dozen different ones across a dozen different pages will lower the perceived value of your services. Our advice: pick one, high value CTA and include it strategically across your site.

Let us help!

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