How to develop your law firm’s unique brand

Perception is something attorneys know all too well. You cannot grow your firm, attract the clients you need, or become a pillar in your community without good public perception. Establishing your brand is the first step any law firm needs to do before they can go into business and help clients. 

Branding for your firm reflects who you are and want to be. It’s what current clients, future clients, past clients, colleagues, the media, and the world see. It’s much more than just logos and taglines. It’s about your voice, your positions, and what you hope to deliver for others. 

This public-facing persona needs to be accurately crafted and now with the omnipresence of an online reality, it’s more important than ever to be proactive as a law firm. In order to craft your brand you want to answer a few questions. Your answers, your market, and your skills need to be properly showcased through a clear image. 

We know you know this. But, knowledge and execution are two different things. You need help crafting your image but that’s not easy when you’re growing your firm and taking care of business. That’s where we, Green Cardigan Marketing, steps in. Let us handle the marketing while you handle your clients. Green Cardigan Marketing focuses exclusively on helping attorneys and law firms of all sizes meet their goals and grow their firm. Give us a call or fill out our free marketing review below. 

The Big Branding Questions you need answered:

  1. What are the problems you want to solve?
  2. Who are you solving these problems for?
  3. Why can you or your firm solve these problems?
  4. How can you outperform your competitors?

How can you answer your Big Brand Questions?

No matter what type of law you practice, you probably know that no question has one answer. If this was the case, then your job would be a lot easier. Ours would too. So, what can you do to answer these branding questions and get your firm out there? You need to present yourself on multiple fronts. This means verbal, visual, and personal communication. 

What is your brand’s messaging?

If you run a law firm focusing on intellectual property and copyright claims, you probably don’t want to come off as aggressive as a criminal defense lawyer advertising on a billboard. Chances are that clients searching for your services are in some sort of urgency, but that’s not an “I’m facing 20-to-life” type of urgency. So, how do you show them, as an IP law firm, that you’re serious, you’re diligent, and able to get the job done? 

What is your brand’s imagery?

Lawyers are adept at both conceptual and analytical work. So, bear with us when we say that imagery (when it comes to branding) has to do more with taste than it does with raw numbers or statutes. Sure, 9/10 people would agree that going goth when it comes to showing off your estate planning services is probably not the best way to get clients. But visual branding is more nuanced than that. However, consistent visual branding shows clients two key aspects of your firm: trust and stability. 

Who is your client?

One of the aspects that allows a law firm to become successful is understanding client targeting. There’s greater benefit in sticking to an ideal client than not having a client avatar. This is the long-play. Catering to one type of clientele allows word-of-mouth to spread to the right client for your firm. Your services have a certain value, not understanding your client base ultimately diminishes that value. 

Expanding your brand’s voice

Voice is all about mixing the visual and the messaging. This includes of course your taglines, logos, headshots, team pictures, website, and video. It’s about showing the level of professionalism and personality when a client sees you from a distance and up close. 

What Green Cardigan Marketing does to stand out:

Maybe you have your brand’s imagery, visuals, messaging, and everything else that comes with that planned out. But, here’s what we do: we keep it all tied-up in a bow. Going out and finding a website developer, a visual artist, a content creator, SEO manager, and Social Media Coordinator, is not a walk in the park. Trying to manage it all is a recipe for burnout and money burning. Your brand, your firm, and your future is not something you want to put on the back burner. Give us a call to set up a consultation.

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