2024 Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Why does your law firm need a marketing plan?

A robust marketing strategy is an intangible asset to have in order to survive and find success as a lawyer or law firm.

The ABA’s 2023 Tech and Marketing Report found a significant disparity in online presence between solo practitioners and larger firms. Only 65% of solo attorneys have a website, compared to 89% of firms with 2-9 lawyers. This gap underscores the importance of an online presence, particularly for solo practitioners and small firms who are competing with peers who actively market online.

Moreover, while 97% of large firms (with 100+ lawyers) have dedicated marketing staff as per the ABA’s 2020 report, this is true for only 33% of smaller firms (10-49 lawyers). This statistic reveals the opportunity for smaller firms to either develop an internal marketing team or collaborate with external marketing experts to level the playing field.

Additionally, staying current is key in digital marketing. Surprisingly, 35% of small firms with websites haven’t updated them in the last three years, according to Atastic. An outdated website can negatively impact client perception and search engine rankings, emphasizing the need for regular updates and active online engagement.

Whether you’re an attorney looking to begin a firm on your own, or you’re an established law firm in your area, the statistics paint a very clear picture. If you ignore marketing, you will be falling behind your competitors (both big and small).

A strategic marketing plan should highlight a firm’s unique expertise and authenticity, converting awareness into familiarity and credibility. Tailoring this plan to your firm’s needs, including effective SEO, engaging content, and a dynamic social media presence, ensures you reach and resonate with your target demographic. Regularly revisiting and adapting your strategy based on performance metrics is essential in maintaining an effective and responsive marketing approach.

By integrating these components, your law firm can craft a marketing plan that not only enhances online visibility but also competes effectively with larger firms. This proactive approach to marketing is crucial for attracting clients and achieving sustainable growth in the highly competitive legal marketplace.

1) Your Law Firm Needs A Website

What makes a great law firm website?

A law firm’s website is a cornerstone of its online marketing strategy. It’s a fundamental aspect of its marketing strategy. What, then, makes a great law firm website?

Making Contact Effortless

A primary goal of any effective website is to make contacting you as straightforward as possible for both potential and current clients. A well-designed website achieves this by prominently displaying contact information throughout its pages. Providing various contact methods, such as phone, email, or an online contact form, caters to different preferences. Including direct contact details for individual attorneys can add a personal touch. Additionally, consider engaging calls to action like inviting visitors to register for an upcoming seminar or subscribe to your newsletter. Remember, potential clients calling your website’s number have a 30 to 50 percent higher chance of converting.

Engaging Visitors to Explore More

For visitors not ready to reach out immediately, your website should invite further exploration. Key landing pages should not only reinforce your firm’s main messages but also provide easy access to related content. For instance, lawyer bios could link to relevant practice areas, their articles, and social media profiles. Informative content, like guides on will preparation, should seamlessly lead to associated topics, such as lasting powers of attorney. Engagement is a key metric in your website’s SEO.

Navigating with Ease

Clear and consistent site navigation is essential for a positive user experience. Adding a search function is especially useful on content-rich sites. It’s important that your website resonates with your audience in both content and language, reflecting their interests and needs for legal services. This approach ensures visitors find value in your website, enhancing their engagement and likelihood to contact your firm.

2) Your Law Firm Needs Video Marketing

Online video marketing has become a crucial channel for businesses, including law firms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are making it easier for law firms to share their message through video. But why is video marketing worth the investment for attorneys, and how can you effectively use this medium?

The Rising Importance of Attorney Video Marketing

Videos are engaging and expressive, making them a preferred form of content. Gitnux 2024 Market Data Reports showed that videos can increase Click Through Rate by up to 300% for some law firms. Videos are particularly effective in conveying complex legal concepts, engaging prospective clients, and establishing your firm as knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Law firms can harness the power of video marketing by understanding their audience, crafting a relevant message, producing quality content, strategically distributing it, and meticulously measuring the results. This approach can significantly enhance your firm’s online presence, attract new clients, and grow your practice.

Understanding Your Audience

Before diving into video creation, it’s crucial to understand your target audience. Consider their demographics, cultural values, and legal needs. This knowledge allows you to create videos that resonate with them, providing helpful information and improving your visibility on search engines.

Crafting Your Message

Once you understand your audience, the next step is to develop a compelling script that appeals to them. Whether your tone is professional, funny, or serious, it should align with your audience’s expectations and the type of law you practice. Keep your videos concise, informative, and engaging, focusing on the viewer’s needs rather than your firm’s accolades.

Producing Quality Videos

You don’t need a huge budget or high-end equipment for effective law firm marketing videos. Even smartphone cameras or webcams can produce quality content. Focus on clear sound, good lighting, and stable camera work. Remember, it’s the message that counts, not just the production quality.

Distributing Your Video

Once your video is ready, distribute it across various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. Don’t forget to feature it prominently on your website and in email marketing campaigns. Videos not only help with client engagement but also boost your website’s search engine rankings.

Measuring Success

Finally, assess the impact of your video marketing efforts. Track metrics such as views, leads generated, client conversion rates, and overall ROI. Tools like CRM systems can be invaluable in understanding the effectiveness of your videos and guiding future marketing strategies.

3) Your Law Firm needs to expand it’s marketing channels

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and PPC (like Google ads), are three of the pillars of online digital marketing. Through a long-term commitment, your firm’s marketing plan can refine, optimize, and drive growth. However, there are some other marketing channels that you can explore to market your law firm. 

Law Firm Webinars

Engaging with your community and with potential clients through webinars can be one way to increase the range of your marketing efforts. Some of the benefits of webinars include:

Displaying Your Expertise and Leading the Conversation: 

Webinars offer a unique opportunity for lawyers to showcase their deep understanding and industry knowledge. By presenting insightful and informative discussions during these sessions, you establish yourself as a leader and an authority in your area of law. This not only fortifies your credibility but also fosters trust among potential clients in need of legal advice.

Cultivating a Robust Professional Identity: 

For a lawyer, a well-defined personal brand is a crucial tool. Conducting webinars solidifies your brand, enhancing recognition and recall in your legal specialty. Regular webinars that provide valuable insights not only boost your standing but also set you apart from the competition.

Generating Client Leads through Engagement: 

Webinars can be a dynamic mechanism for attracting new clients. Attendees who gain valuable knowledge from your webinars are more inclined to turn to you for legal assistance when necessary. This direct engagement with your audience via webinars opens up avenues for converting attendees into clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an invaluable tool for lawyers looking to expand their client base and enhance their firm’s reputation. Imagine reaching a tailored audience with messages that resonate specifically with their legal needs, all at the click of a button. With the ability to segment your audience and personalize content, you’re not just sending emails; you’re cultivating relationships and establishing trust. Each email is an opportunity to showcase your expertise, provide valuable legal insights, and keep your firm at the forefront of potential clients’ minds. Not only does this method offer a high return on investment, but it also positions you as a go-to resource in your area of practice. 

Reaching your Ideal Audience

Utilizing email marketing, enhanced with automation and segmentation, allows you to effectively time your marketing messages and reach the right audience. Personalization is crucial in the legal sector, where clients seek a sense of understanding and direct communication.

Generic messages often fail to engage; however, modern email marketing tools enable a more personalized approach. By customizing your content to meet the specific needs of different audience segments, you can foster a more personal connection with clients and prospects, demonstrating that your communication is not just relevant, but directly tailored to them.

Cultivating Leads and Enhancing Brand Recognition

Email marketing offers a straightforward path for law firms to grow their business. This strategy not only helps in acquiring new leads and important contact details but also enhances interactions with potential clients.

More importantly, your marketing emails keep your firm top of mind. This heightened brand visibility ensures that when the need for legal services arises, your firm’s name stands out.

Furthermore, these email campaigns are effective in directing potential clients to your website, where they can explore your services, seek further information, or schedule consultations, thus converting interest into actionable engagement.

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