The SEO Success Story of Slovensky Divorce & Family Law - 226% Growth

A Beacon of Hope in Family Law

Nestled in the heart of Virginia, Slovensky Law Firm has long been a beacon of hope for many families facing the challenges of legal situations. Their mission has been simple yet powerful: to be the most effective and well-prepared family law advocates in the region. However, despite their dedicated commitment to their clients and their mission, The Slovensky Law Firm found the digital landscape to be an unwelcoming new frontier. Recognizing the potential of digital marketing and the need for a strategic partner, Slovensky Law Firm teamed up with Green Cardigan Marketing in October 2022 with the task of growing their online presence.

The Partnership: Teaming Up for Digital Success

At Green Cardigan Marketing, we are known for our narrative-driven strategies and expertise in law firm marketing. We were brought on board to help Slovensky Law Firm improve their SEO. The ultimate goal? To transform web visitors into loyal clients, effectively translating the firm’s offline charisma and integrity into the digital sphere.

Challenge: Overcoming a Static Digital Presence

An analysis from October 1st, 2022, to March 31st, 2023, revealed a stagnant digital presence. However, with Green Cardigan’s expertise, the firm began its ascent in the digital domain.

Breakthrough: Achieving Substantial Growth

Organic Traffic Growth of 307.65%

In just six months of working with Green Cardigan Marketing, total web sessions skyrocketed by 226%—from 4,934 to 16,093. Organic traffic saw an even more dramatic increase of 307.65%, growing from 2,837 to 11,565 sessions. This growth was driven by thorough optimization, data-centric strategies, and engaging content that resonated with potential clients’ needs and aspirations.

Sustaining Growth: Maintaining Momentum

Comparing the subsequent six months, we saw a steady increase: total sessions rose by 15.78% and organic sessions by 10.18%, demonstrating a pattern of consistent growth.

The Results: A New Dawn of Success

A comparison of the clicks received between the two periods showed an increase of 18.36% from 7,840 to 9,280. The click-through rate (CTR) also saw an upward trend from 1.70% to 2.00%, a substantial improvement of 17.64%.

Organic Sessions up by 75.31% in just 5 months

The start of 2024 brought in a new round of success for Slovensky Law Firm. When compared to the same period in the previous year, all sessions experienced a boost of 44.52% from 5,963 to 8,618 sessions. Organic sessions saw an impressive jump of 75.31%, while the Google Search Console reported a significant rise in clicks (93.19%) and CTR (35.29%).

The Transformative Power of SEO

This case study embodies the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. Green Cardigan Marketing’s expertise helped Slovensky Law Firm scale new heights, ensuring that their mission, compassion, and expertise reached the families that needed them the most. Today, the firm continues to leverage SEO to fulfill their ultimate goals and extend their reach in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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