Family Law SEO Journey: Organic Traffic Up by 302.4% in 24 months

Empowering Hargrave Family Law with Green Cardigan’s Expertise

When Hargrave Family Law, a respected team of family law attorneys based in Dallas, Texas, partnered with our team at Green Cardigan Marketing, the mission was clear: elevate their digital presence and turn interested visitors into committed clients. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. 

Insight into Hargrave Family Law's Background

To understand the scale of the transformation, let’s turn back the clock. Family Law firm’s know that their best chance to reach and help clients is during the spring months (we don’t call it ‘Divorce Season’ for nothing in the legal marketing world). The early months of every year is our chance as SEO’s for family law firm’s to capture the clients ready to make the change they have been considering as it relates to the structure of their family. 

Hargrave Family Law was attracting about 650 organic visitors to their website each month when the firm initially contacted our team. Jennifer Hargrave, the owner and founder, was busy managing the firm, passionately representing clients, and connecting with an expanding audience via her podcast. She realized she needed a sustainable way to grow without taking on everything herself.

Jennifer was facing the same challenges many law firm owners face; managing their time between running a business and helping their clients. 

How did Green Cardigan Marketing help?

SEO Impact and Results

As of early 2024, Hargrave Family Law is now averaging 2600 organic visitors per month to their website! This is a +302.4% increase compared to the 650 they were receiving in 2021. 

In an industry where clicks are key to competitiveness, our SEO strategy for Hargrave Family Law made a powerful impact. Google Search Console data shows an incredible 77.37% surge in clicks, proving the success of our SEO initiatives.

Numbers Tell the Story

The story becomes even more compelling when we compare 2023 Q1 data vs 2024 Q1 data. Organic sessions doubled, posting a 109.94% gain. The SEO strategy also enhanced the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), which increased by 100%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

So, what do these numbers mean? These numbers represent a new chapter in Hargrave Family Law’s digital narrative, marked by higher visibility, increased engagement, and a flood of potential clients knocking on their virtual door. 

Translating Organic Traffic into Real Clients

Growing this family law firm’s qualified traffic is not the end of the story. Converting those users into real leads requires a deep understanding of this firm’s needs and audience.

Family Law firm’s have a unique challenge in converting organic website traffic into clients because they must quickly establish trust and demonstrate expertise to potential clients who are often dealing with sensitive personal matters. 

Our team focused on providing clear, helpful information and easy-to-navigate resources on the firm’s website. This approach helps to reassure visitors of their professionalism and commitment to supporting clients through challenging times. 

What did this result in? A 47.3% increase in qualified calls. 

A Promise Delivered

But, at the heart of it all is one simple idea: to ensure every visitor to Hargrave Family Law’s website feels the empathy and dedication conveyed in their mission statement. The message “You have a choice in how you handle your divorce” isn’t just a tagline. It’s a promise to Jennifer and her team at Hargrave Family Law. And Green Cardigan’s narrative-focused SEO tactics ensure that this promise reaches and resonates with those who need it most. 

Amplifying Voices Through SEO

At Green Cardigan, we don’t just improve SEO. We amplify voices, target messages, and create digital roadmaps that lead prospective clients to the doors of our clients. Hargrave Family Law’s success story is a testimony to our approach, highlighting the boundless possibilities when innovative legal solutions meet expert digital marketing strategies.

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