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Stop guessing which marketing strategy will work best to grow your law firm!

We have helped hundreds of law firms grow past the 3 million dollar mark by using this marketing scorecard to gauge the effectiveness of law firms strategy.

Implement this checklist to master your growth and skyrocket
your law firm’s sales.

Plug the holes in your marketing budget

Do you know how effective your marketing strategy is? What metrics are you tracking and what are they telling you?

If all of the marketing numbers and softwares have you frustrated and confused, we get it! We have helped hundreds of law firm owners grow past the 3 million dollar mark to achieve growth and freedom in their law firm.

Download our Law Firm Marketing Scorecard to grade your law firm in 4 crucial areas:

  • Social Media
  • Intake Process
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Performance and Evaluation

After completing the download you will quickly see areas of improvement.

Pro Tip: Target the GREEN categories first! 😉

What’s next?

 If you are asking yourself ‘HOW’ to make changes in your law firms marketing strategy, let us help! We invite you to apply to work with our team. We work EXCLUSIVELY with law firms and understand how complex and competitive this industry can be. If you have a growth mindset and are ready for
change, there's no better time to start!